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Have the address or legal land description of the emergency location and a phone number you can be called back on in case of disconnection. Read more ....

Current Fire Ban Status - No Restriction

Fire Permits are required year round for open burning anywhere in the county. Safe campfires are allowed without a permit in approved backyard fire pits, campgrounds and backcountry or random camping areas. Apply for a current Fire Permit online or see one of our Fire Guardians at the Town of Tofield, Beaver County Office, Village of Ryley, Town of Holden, Bruce Shell, BESC Head Quarters or 50th Street Auto in Viking.

Fire Hazard Risk Status - Moderate

The Fire Hazard is MODERATE in Beaver County. Wildfires can start from most accidental causes and spread moderately through dry brush and grasses.Ground crews should be able to contain a wildfire with minimal support from heavy equipment and aircraft.
Wildfires not suppressed immediately can still become expensive to extinguish later.

About Beaver Emergency Services


Welcome to Beaver Emergency Services Commission

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission is a regional partnership between the towns of Tofield, Viking, villages of Holden, Ryley and Beaver County, Alberta for set up for the administration and delivery of fire and emergency management services. Commission headquarters are located in Viking, Alberta in the lower level of the Town Office.

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission manages the administration and oversees operations of volunteer fire departments in each of the towns of Tofield and Viking, the villages of Ryley and Holden, and the hamlets of Bruce and Kinsella. Fire Department operations in each of the towns and villages are managed by a District Fire Chief and many dedicated volunteer firefighters.

The 9-1-1 system at Strathcona County Emergency Communications Centre is being upgraded.  There are no changes to the 9-1-1 number and emergency calls will continue to be handled seamlessly. 

However the long-dial “Alarm Line” number (780-449-6707) that alarm monitoring companies use to contact our centre is changing. 

Although some single-family homes use alarm monitoring, the majority of users are multi-family developments, schools, care facilities, public service buildings and commercial businesses. It is important that these facilities are notified of the change so they may advise their respective alarm monitoring contractors. Therefore, to ensure no delays in response are experienced, we ask that any facilities in the area that engage an alarm monitoring company be aware of the change and notify their alarm monitoring companies to make the number change.

There will be a transition period during which users dialling the old contact number will be call forwarded to the new contact number, including a recorded message advising of the change. This, together with communication from you, will give users in your area ample time to notify their alarm monitoring companies of the change so procedural documentation can be updated with the new number.

Old number (calls will be forwarded until 12/31/2017) – 780 449-6707

New number (effective 09/25/2017) – 780 449-9701

If you have any questions, please contact the Beaver Emergency Services Commission Office.

New Fire Permit Conditions for Burning Un-harvested Crops

Due to the large quantity of un-harvested crops remaining in fields, to minimize the possibliity of wildfire the Beaver Emergency Services Commission has added new conditions to fire permits.

Before you decide to burn, please review your options. This Alberta Agriculture information offers some good tips.

The new conditions are outlined in Policy 2(A) - Stubble Burning and require the following:

  • Written confirmation of liability insurance for burning.
  • Minimum 50 foot cultivated fire guard around burn area.
  • Two adults to be in attendance at all times during the burn.
  • Maximum of 40 acres burned at one time.
  • Tractors and field implements at the field during the burn.
  • Winds must be under 10km/hr during the burn.
  • Smoke from burn cannot create a public hazard.
  • If burning within 1/2 mile of a Provincial highway, smoke hazard signs must be posted.
  • BESC must be notified by phone at least one hour prior to burning - (1-866-663-3730)

The permitee is total responsible for the safe control of any authorized burning.

For more information, please contact BESC at 1-866-663-3730.

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission (BESC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mike Hoffman as the new Regional Emergency Manager

Following a number of recent changes designed to continue moving the BESC forward and set the Commission up as a model and leader for regional emergency standards and service delivery, and on behalf of the Commission Board of Directors, we are happy to announce Mr. Mike Hoffman as the new Regional Emergency Manager. Mr. Hoffman will officially begin in the role on December 1st, and he looks forward to meeting both new and familiar faces as he works together with the Board of Directors, the Fire Chiefs and their volunteer teams, Emergency Services Personnel throughout the region, as well as the administrative staff at BESC.

We have been fortunate to have had the assistance and direction of Mr. Al Harvey over the past year to guide us through day-to-day operations and strategy implementation including the recommendations from the recent ERMC Risk and Organizational Report. Mr. Hoffman looks forward to continuing the momentum that has been achieved.

As a long serving and active volunteer, Mr. Hoffman spent much of his life and career in the Beaver County area, and he brings a diverse background and set of experiences to this newly rebranded role. Having spent more than 30 years as a volunteer firefighter, while working concurrently in a leadership capacity with MacEwan University, Mr. Hoffman brings first-hand experience and knowledge to the functional areas of emergency response including training and facilitation, program development and implementation, and understanding safety codes. He served with the Viking Fire & Rescue Department beginning in the early 1980’s, and was promoted in 2008 to the Volunteer Fire & Rescue Chief for his final five years. Mr. Hoffman then pursued another opportunity with the Heart & Stroke Foundation where he spearheaded both provincial and national programs. In this role, he continued to hone his leadership, budgeting, and overall administrative skills, while working with a diverse client base which included local, provincial, and federal governments, various provincial agencies across Canada, elected officials, and the general public.

Mr. Hoffman has crafted a successful and long standing career in many different roles within emergency management. The Board is confident that he brings the right mix of experience, leadership, temperament, and a familiarity with the region which will be a valuable asset to the BESC moving forward.

Mr. Hoffman is excited to relocate back to Beaver County and begin working with all the key stakeholders in the region to make the BESC the gold standard in regional emergency services and delivery and increase the profile of the organization. On behalf of the BESC, please join us in welcoming Mike Hoffman.

Board Chairman Kevin Smook

Volunteers Needed!

We need you! Through unwavering vigilance, rigorous training and unquestionable dedication, the Volunteer Firefighters of BESC work to serve and ensure the safety of every person in the county.

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